You’re Beautiful

I really loved this post because I think the everyone in our society should know this. That everyone is beautiful in their own ways and that’s makes us all unique. Without our differences, we would all be the same and everyone would be boring. I hate how our society is so into our looks and … More You’re Beautiful

go for it

Have you ever been told that you can’t do something?  That you don’t have what it takes to do it?  Me too.  We all have people in our lives that will bring us down and tell us that we can’t do it.  We will always have those cruel people in the world that will try … More go for it

finding your laugh

Why do we laugh?  Is it an action we do for fun?  Is it something we do because something is funny?  Or is it something that makes us feel good when we do it?  I believe that we laugh because at that moment when you do, you feel genuinely happy.  It’s like having a feeling … More finding your laugh

beauty or illusion?

The physical appearance of things that we see stick in our minds more than the value of them. Nowadays, our appearance to others is more important than anything to us.  We try our hardest to make good impressions by making our outside look good and not the inside because what attracts people the most is … More beauty or illusion?


Hola chickasaurs!! That means dinosaur chicken nuggets btw LOL. I’ve noticed that I have a weird obsession over those. Please help. I’m trying to get back on track with my blog posts. I’M SO SORRY YOU GUYS. I’m just going through those sad phases again, but I need to satisfy you guys. Anyways, how y’all … More notice


Hey baeritos! Are you guys doing well?! I hope you all are.  Anyways, this week we made a presentation on what is the best/worst to you.  Really, what makes you happy or what you hate.  So, we’re going to talk about what makes you smile and have a warm, good feeling inside.  I’m so sorry … More experience


Greetings alpacas! How are y’all doing today? I hope you guys are doing well. Sorry for such a late post you guys 😦 I’ve been so busy helping my grandma because she’s sick. Speaking of sick, I HOPE Y’ALL ARE HEALTHY AND NOT SICK BECAUSE IT’S FLU SEASON. This week we talked about this book … More skool

reminds me of you

Hey happy tacos! So yesterday we were talking about sad poems and what the author was talking about in her poem.  The poem, “Reminds Me of You”, by Colleen J. McElroy, what I think, is about how she lost a loved one and is trying to recover, eating a lot of ice cream and watching … More reminds me of you